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Koh Tan


  The Small island of Koh Taen is situated near the southern tip of the much large Koh Samui, Suratthani Provice, in the Gulf of Thailand. it is roughly triangular in  shape with a pronounced constriction between its widest and longest points respectively, with a total area of 7.5 sqkm. Topographically, the island has 3 distinct hills: Khao Kiam, at the south of the island, is the highest at 218 M above mean sea level (MSL) and is covered with lush evergreen forest; and Khao teen is a comparatively long ride along the islands northern shore.


    The open eastern shore, Ao OK, is a sandy beach fringed by coral reefs, while the western shore, Ao Tok, is a sheltered bay with a remnant of mangrove forest, a rocky shore and complete fringing reefs.
    Koh Taen is almost wholly occupied by land owners. The flat areas are predominantly utilized as coconut plantations and human settlements and the foothills have cocconut plantations with remnants of original forest, cashew nut plantations and natural dwarf dry evergreen forest. The Formerly-flourishing evergreen forests persist as dense stands covering most hill reefs.
    The inhabitants of Koh Samui settled here approximately 200 years ago to establish coconut plantations and orchards, and to log the island's lush forests. indeed, Koh Taen is still an important source of natural resources for the people of Koh Samui. Nowagays, Kop Taen has scarcely any large-sized frees suitable for commercial logging and has poor coconut yields, but it is still an important artisanal fishing area and a popular eco-tourism destination, famous for its coral reefs. At one time there were over  100 houses on Koh Samui or near the towns of Suratthani and Chumphon, and to obtain a better education and jobs in other urban communities there are now only 30 houses on the Island.
    An interesting feature of Koh Taen is that it is the only island in Thailand which has no dogs. It is widely believed that for somed Mysterious reason dogs cannot survived on this island. Many reasons have been put forward to explain this enigma. Some have suggested that Koh Taen is a sacred place and the island's guardian spirit does not want any dogs to live there. Other explanations are that sound waves, strong magnetic fields or some deadly infectious diseased have caused any dogs brought to the island to die within hours of days of their arrival. No explanation of the island's strange canine absence has ever been verified, and mysteriously, those attempting to do so have met with misfortune.